1st Jun 2022

Spring Reading

Spring Reading

It’s officially spring and that means – hopefully – we’ll soon be putting cold weather behind us and welcoming in a season of life, growth, and energy. As blossoms begin popping up all around and color and vibrance return to the outdoors, it’s a great time of year to see what needs to be refreshed and revamped inside. Sure, spring cleaning is a must, but spring is also the perfect time to reenergize your menu offerings and supplies, too! This month, as we explore the themes of hyperpigmentation and equipment and tools, we’ve got some great articles that can help you bring some fresh air into the spa.

As the weather heats up and clients dust off their short sleeve shirts and shorts, brush up on the Fitzpatrick scale and how to tell the difference between age spots and freckles in Lyn Ross’ article, “Spot Check: Identifying Hyperpigmentation Types and Causes.” Then, for an in-depth look at the pigmentation process and the science behind those dark spots, check out “Hyperpigmentation: Are You Asking the Right Questions?” by René Serbon. Finally, evaluate your treatment options for pigmentation problems in Kathleen Carney’s, “Blotch, Please! Helping Clients Confront Hyperpigmentation.”

When it comes to assessing your equipment and tools, you won’t want to miss this month’s articles by Annet King and Gina Thompson. In King’s article, “Power Moves: Smart Technology Choices to Improve Business and Bottom Line,” you’ll find tech that is on this year’s must-have list for every aesthetician – from skin magnifying headsets to ultrasonic spatulas. Then, in “Thrifty and Thriving: Budget-Friendly Devices that Won’t Break the Bank,” Thompson shares everything you need to know about keeping up with the latest spa devices on a budget.

Lastly, head online to catch even more articles on spa improvement, with topics like hiring an effective receptionist, ways you could be losing money, pricing services, and much more! As you flip through the pages of April’s magazine and visit, I hope you find everything you need for a breezy transition into the warmer season. Happy reading!