Custom Branding

Use our in house customizing, packaging, and graphic design team to create proprietary formulas, labels and marketing materials for your brand.

Save more by purchasing back bar sizes, customizing and then filling & labeling yourself!


 What does Custom Branding offer?

  • Take your Private Label to the next level with customized formulas
  • Blend proprietary formulas in your location or have us blend for you
  • For maximizing profits, purchase back bar (32oz) and add your choice of our AMAZING additives (botanicals, synergy serums, color, etc.) and create, fill and package your proprietary formulas.
  • Clients can’t find your products ANYWHERE else whether we make your product or you do!



Why Choose Custom Branding?

  • Formulas are totally proprietary
  • Package yourself for higher profit margins
  • Added value for your business
  • Unique marketing perspective
  • Most loyal clients and employees
  • Prestigious product line
  • Minimum orders as low as 24 units of each pre-filled product or 32 oz bulk product for you to fill yourself!

For more information, please email or call 877-754-6253 x10