Posted by Jeremy Lawrence on 1st Jun 2022

Kathleen Carney

Kathleen Carney

Kathleen Carney is extremely passionate about skin care, hair removal, and product formulating. Being a seasoned aesthetician and owner of Skin Blends Medical SPAtique, she keeps current on the latest trends and treatment modalities by training her staff and other skin care professionals. She founded Skin Blends in 1999 with gender-neutral packaging and color-, fragrance-, and cruelty-free products. Her formulas are constantly evolving based on the latest research and clinical studies. Skin Blends also distributes Cirepil Wax, Agape Pure Wax, Aglow Cosmetics, and Tweezerman supplies.

What do you see as an upcoming trend in the industry?
The majority of younger women do not prefer body hair and since men aim to please women, I think manzilians will be as common in the future as Brazilians are today. I also see professionals performing more microneedling, dermaplaning, and radio frequency as consumers want more instant results.

Why do you think people are loyal to certain brands?
It is always funny to me when aestheticians say they do not want parabens or colors or fragrances in their product lines, yet they are loyal to a certain brand because it is the best. Even though it contrasts everything they say they do not want, they buy into the line and use them. Often times, it is because someone else told them it is the best.

How did you come up with the name of your business?
The name Skin Blends came from the concept of supplying skin care professionals with base ingredients and additive blends that skin care professionals can use to come up with unique skin care products for each of their clients. Every client has different needs and skin often changes; aestheticians who blend products to meet the specific needs of each client definitely set themselves apart from those that do not.